Merlin Simulator


Our pre-processor, engine, and post-processor work seamlessly together to quickly build an accurate model of your reservoir. No more keywords, no more clunky interface.

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Apprentice Mapping


Quickly create maps from images or export from any geologic package to create full field models in minutes not weeks.

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Avalon Nodal Analysis


Model a range of well tubing configurations including gas lift, sub sea flow lines, risers with and without gas lift, and caps with ports for WCD shut in drills.

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Merlin WCD


When the government needed an answer for how much oil spilled in the aftermath of Macondo they called Gemini Solutions. Since then we have created an extensive series of tools to accurately model Worst Case Discharge events.

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Camelot History Match


Camelot takes the trial and error out of history matching. Instead of changing one parameter at a time by hand to attempt a history match, let Camelot do the heavy lifting for you by automatically running and analyzing the parameters you know with the least certainty.

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3D Explorer


3D Visualization can be invaluable to understanding your reservoir. In consistences in geology are easy spotted and corrected and management is more likely to sign off on something they can visually understand.

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