Apprentice Mapping

Quickly create maps from images or export from any geologic package to create full field models in minutes not weeks.

Full field Modeling Made Simple

Simulations are only as accurate as the geology provided. Quick look pattern models in Merlin are great for tight assets or other reservoir types with relatively constant geology but with Apprentice engineers can integrate complex full field maps in a matter of minutes to create even more robust models.

Fundamentally Apprentice will allow you to import maps -> place an efficient grid over the area of interest with accurate grid cell values -> then seamlessly export the results to the Merlin simulator to run your full field models.

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Import From Anywhere

Create maps from almost any type of import format. As long as there are X,Y coordinates and an associated value Apprentice will be able to bring it in.

Only have paper maps? No problem Apprentice can automatically trace map images and create digitized contours for you.

Efficient Accurate Grids

In simulation there is often a trade off between speed and accurately. Apprentice helps you create efficient grids with small cells around the wells to accurately model near well bore pressure and saturation changes with larger cells in the aquifer where there is less change.

Hands on Support

You aren't alone! Our team is here to help you every step of the way through in person training, Webex meetings, and video based online training materials to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the software.