Camelot History Match

What is History Matching?

Matching historical rates and pressures to simulated data is the only way to truly know if your simulation models actually represent the physical reality of the reservoir. In order to get a good match, all reservoir parameters need to be correct or you will not be able to have accurate forecasts for current and potentially infill wells.

In the past history matching was a manual process where one parameter was changed at a time to iterate in on the correct description of the reservoir. For instance if early pressures were too high in the model, an engineer might reduce permeability by 50% then run the model again to see how much the pressures dropped. With Camelot this process is automated with statistics and proprietary convergence algorithms. The engineer need only tell the software to try and match permeability and the program will create a series of runs higher and lower than the matching permeability to iterate in on a solution. And the program can find the optimal solution for several different interrelated parameters that all affect pressure - for example fracture half length and matrix permeability in tight reservoirs.

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What Parameters can Camelot modify?

Any geologic, well, or fluid parameter in Merlin can be modified by Camelot to make the process of History Matching orders of magnitude easier.

Smarter than the Competition

Other history matching packages take a completely different approach to finding an answer by simulating thousands to millions of runs in a super computer in order to find a solution. Camelot works differently as it augments the experience of the engineer to guide the history matching process instead of relying purely on the brute force of the computer. As the engineer knows their reservoir best including what they know with the least certainty, Camelot can be set up to iterate only on the parameters needed to achieve a history matching rather than wasting large computational resources trying to calculate all possible solutions. This allows the engineer to do the thinking work and the computer to do the tedious work of running and analyzing the models for a best fit to the historical data.

For a three parameter optimization because Camelot finds the best solution in the space of the starting model Camelot is more than 500 times faster than our competitor in finding solutions.

Camelot is also the only history match product that adjusts full field maps using geostatistics as performance of the individual wells are matched. Other products use regions around individual wells that create solution maps with a patchwork of data. These maps are far less accurate in predicting performance for current and infill wells.

Hands on Support

You aren't alone! Our team is here to help you every step of the way through in person training, webex meetings, and video based online training materials to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the software.