Merlin Simulator

A Complete Solution

Our software works seamlessly together allowing you to build a basic model from a spreadsheet in a few seconds, then quickly run the engine and generate production profiles.

Once you experience how easy it is to build simple models, Merlin can grow with you as you learn to integrate maps, tubing curves, and historical data to perform more advanced studies.

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User Friendly Pre and Post Processor

Merlin is more than just a computation engine. The real power of our tools comes from how fast engineers can build models that deliver results needed to make critical decisions.

The only way to really prove how useful and well thought out our tools are is to give it a try on your next reservoir development project. Using our spreadsheet modeling building approach you can build a basic pattern model in a matter of seconds then learn how to integrate full field geology and tubing curves using our advanced online training system.

Build scoping models of single well or full field applications in minutes


3 Phase Finite Difference Simulation Engine With Unparalleled Speed

Our engine is top notch. Originally developed and heavily used at Texaco, the Merlin engine has over 30 years of continued enhancements and developments which allows it to solve problems quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Designed specifically for the PC with more than 25 years of experience, our users have tested our engine versus our competitors and found comparable results with significant speed improvements compared to competitor software

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Since modeling Worst Case Discharge events in 2010, the power and reliability of the engine in extreme conditions such as high temperature high pressure environments has been improved significantly leading to increased efficiency in all other applications.

Hands on Support

You aren't alone! Our team is here to help you every step of the way through in person training, webex meetings, and video based online training materials to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the software.