Simple Interface, Advanced Features


Merlin Simulator

Our pre-processor, engine, and post-processor work seamlessly together to quickly build an accurate model of your reservoir. No more keywords, no more clunky interface.

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Apprentice Mapping

Quickly create maps from images or export from any geologic package to create full field models in minutes not weeks.

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Avalon Nodal Analysis

Model a range of well tubing configurations including gas lift, sub sea flow lines, risers with and without gas lift, and caps with ports for WCD shut in drills.

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Optimal Onshore Economics

Our goal is to help engineers and managers most efficiently operate their acreage in any price environment.

History match a full field offshore reservoir
in under 5 minutes

25 years of successful reservoir simulation projects

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Software Trusted by the Government

In the aftermath of Macondo the government relied on Merlin to calculate the official Worst Case Discharge rate. Today government engineers around the country use Merlin day in and day out to calculate Worst Case Discharge and casing/BOP requirements for all wells drilled in federal waters.