3D Explorer

Create 3D Movies

The power of reservoir simulation comes from being able to see how reservoirs behave dynamically overtime. Play 3D movies directly inside PowerPoint to show crucial reservoir behaviors such as water coning into wells from an edge over bottom drive aquifer, pressure waves from each fracture stage running into each other, or production forecasts showing how optimal well placement can drain additional volumes increasing ultimate recovery.

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Show IsoSurfaces

Isosurface wavefronts can show exactly how fluids and pressures move in the reservoir over time. Visually determine where undrained volume exists by seeing pressure or saturation wave fronts over time.

Slice and Dice

Pull your reservoir model apart in any number of ways including thresholds on pressures and saturations, and moving through the reservoir by turning off rows, columns, and layers of grid cells.

Hands on Support

You aren't alone! Our team is here to help you every step of the way through in person training, Webex meetings, and video based online training materials to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the software.