Avalon Nodal Analysis

Model a range of well tubing configurations including gas lift, sub sea flow lines, risers with and without gas lift, and caps with ports for WCD shut in drills.

Control wells with Surface Pressures

Modeling pressure losses in tubing is crucial for accurate simulations when flowing bottom hole pressure data are not available.

Fundamentally Avalon will allow you to define tubing ranges from your Merlin model -> create tubing segments to describe your unique tubing configuration, then seamlessly export the results to the Merlin simulator to control wells at the surface with tubing curves.

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Automatic Deviation Survey Import

Take deviation survey data directly from your spreadsheet to Avalon and let us create tubing segments for you.

Then add special segment types such as risers, chokes, gas lift valves, or a cap with sequential port shut in to create more advanced tubing configurations.

Designed for Worst Case Discharge

Avalon was redesigned from the ground up to handle the extreme rates and pressures experienced during worst case discharge events including friction losses is long open hole sections.

Hands on Support

You aren't alone! Our team is here to help you every step of the way through in person training, Webex meetings, and video based online training materials to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the software.