Ph.D. – Chemical Engineering, Rice University.

B.S., M.S.- Chemical Engineering, Ohio State University

After graduation with his M.S. degree in Chemical  Engineering in 1982, Jim Buchwalter joined Texaco as an operations engineer in Harvey, La.  His principal responsibilities were to provide engineering analysis and recommendations for various field operations. Mr. Buchwalter performed workovers on wells throughout the  district, developed reserve estimates on several fields and provided engineering and  operations support for a CO2 project. These activities included both onshore  and offshore properties.

In 1986, Mr. Buchwalter transferred to Texaco’s  E&P Technology Division in Houston for a nine-month training program in all aspects of  E&P operations. Subsequently, he developed a cubic EOS package that allows for  generation of pseudo-compositional properties that can be used for condensate reservoir  and CO2 flood modeling. Mr. Buchwalter also attended Rice University and received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 1991. Dr. Buchwalter performed simulation and field development studies on numerous Texaco reservoirs worldwide. The types of studies included black-oil, gas and compositional phase behavior. He has studied and made  recommendations on several major naturally fractured reservoirs. These reservoirs include  the White Tiger field in Vietnam, the GORM field in the North Sea and Harvest in California. Dr. Buchwalter also taught materials balance, simulation and simulation  applications. At Texaco, he supported and enhanced Texaco’s in-house reservoir simulator, including the fractured reservoir code.

On Jan. 1,1997, Dr. Buchwalter formed Gemini Solutions, Inc. with Dr. Ray Calvert. At GSI, Dr. Buchwalter supports and enhances the reservoir characterization and simulation models, teaches simulation applications courses and  performs consulting simulation studies for client companies. Recent studies include  simulation of a block offshore Angola and the Yetagun field offshore Myanmar, RIMV in New Zealand, and various deep water Gulf of Mexico properties.

Dr. Buchwalter co-authored an applied resevoir engineering book published by Pennwell in 2008 entitled "Practical Enhanced Reservoir Engineering." Dr. Buchwalter has written technical papers and made presentations on reservoir simulation. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum  Engineers.